Florida Director Credential Renewal Training.

CC and Education Programming:

DRC: Assessing Childhood Development (.2 CEU/2 Hours) 

DRC: Assessing Children’s Physical Development (.2 CEU/2 Hours) 

DRC: Computer Technology in Early Childhood Education (.2 CEU/2 Hours) 

DRC: Documenting Children’s Behaviors (.1 CEU/1 Hour) 

DRC: Early Childhood Program Accreditation (.3 CEU/3 Hours) 

DRC: Early Childhood Programs for Multilingual Children (.1 CEU/1 Hour) 

DRC: Health: Curriculum Development Tools (.1 CEU/1 Hour) 

DRC: Introduction to Computer Technology (.1 CEU/1 Hour) 

DRC: Nutrition: Curriculum Development Tools (.1 CEU/1 Hour) 

DRC: Safety: Curriculum Development Tools (.1 CEU/1 Hour) 

DRC: Special Interest Centers (.1 CEU/1 Hour)


CC and Educational Organizational Leadership and Management:

DRC: Professional Practices (.1 CEU/1 Hour) 

DRC: Sexual Harassment Awareness (.1 CEU/1 Hour) 

DRC: Stress Management (.1 CEU/1 Hour) 

DRC: Time Management (.1 CEU/1 Hour) 


Overview of CC Center Management:

DRC: Assessing Child Care Business Practices (.1 CEU/1 Hour) 

DRC: Child Abuse: Identification and Prevention (.1 CEU/1 Hour) 

DRC: Child Oriented Spaces (.1 CEU/1 Hour) 

DRC: Cross-Cultural Communication (.2 CEU/2 Hours) 

DRC: Effective Written Communication (.2 CEU/2 Hours) 

DRC: Encouraging Parental Involvement (.1 CEU/1 Hour) 

DRC: Environmental Safety (.1 CEU/1 Hour) 

DRC: Finding and Using Resources on the Internet (.1 CEU/1 Hour) 

DRC: Managing Your Child Care Business (.3 CEU/3 Hours) 

DRC: Open House (.1 CEU/1 Hour) 

DRC: Outdoor Play Safety (.1 CEU/1 Hour) 

DRC: Overcoming Difficulties Communicating with Parents (.1 CEU/1 Hour) 

DRC: Reading Prescription Labeling (.1 CEU/1 Hour)

DRC: Relating with Parents (.1 CEU/1 Hour)

DRC: Risk Management (.2 CEU/2 Hours)

DRC: Safety and Security Procedures (.2 CEU/2 Hours)

DRC: Staffing Child Care Programs (.1 CEU/1 Hour) 

DRC: Working and Communicating with Families (.1 CEU/1 Hour) 

DRC: Working With Children With Disabilities (.1 CEU/1 Hour)


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